Entrepreneur Investor


Assist. Prof. Dr Alireza RANJBARI was born in Tehran. 

He has a postgraduate degree in chemical engineering from Tehran  

-Azad University And received his PhD in Bioelectrochemistry under Prof Louis NADJO ‘s supervision in 2006 at ICP, Paris-Sud University. 


His research interest, in principle focuses on Electrocatalysis with current projects being undertaken in electrolysers, photocatalytic and 


water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction. 

His main teaching activities include chemistry physics, electrochemistry, analytic electrochemistry, molecular electrochemistry and sustainable development. 

He had been a martial arts and swimming instructor for nearly 20 years. He enjoys literature, history, philosophy and cinema as his favourite personal hobbies. He is also a Seh-tar (a traditional Persian musical instrument) player.